Standard Deviations: Lessons from the Ogden Marathon? Running is hard

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On Saturday, this fat, aging journalist staggered through the 5K portion of the 2018 Ogden Marathon.

Our View

Breaking cycle of poverty in Weber County

Marlin Jensen

Intergenerational poverty is a major problem in Utah. A state report issued late last year, “Utah’s Fifth Annual Report on Intergenerational Poverty, Welfare Dependence and the Use of Public Assistance,” provides great detail into the problem and the larger effect it is having on...


Trump's curious coalition

Robert Reich

Trump's curious coalition endures only because he's a clever salesman and con man. The only way it can possibly succeed at entrenching Trump is if Democrats say and do little or nothing.


Running first race very satisfying accomplishment

On Sunday, May 20th, I read with interest and amusement Mark Saal's account of his first time running a race. I, too, am a 59-year-old who ran a race for the first time on Saturday, May 19th. I experienced a sense of satisfaction reading his account. There is something inherently comforting in the...


Medical marijuana debate in Utah resembles a NASCAR pileup

Rick Larsen

Along with a conversation about the ballot initiative process, or the appropriateness of threats and lawsuits, Sutherland suggests a conversation about civility: about our willingness to engage and discover for ourselves the facts of any given issue.


Following tragedy, Utah's abandoned mines need addressed

Missing Teens Bodies

While it’s important to recognize and celebrate the importance of mining in Utah’s history, we should not let open mines create future tragedies.


Letter writer right on one hand, wrong on other

As a non-radical Democrat, I take issue with much of Mr. John Reynold’s letter from May 15, 2018. But I'd like to start with where I agree with John; that this is the most contentious period in the last 40 years, and there are a large number of people who distrust and dislike (President...


The Seattle head tax is idiotic


This head tax won't be paid by Amazon. Companies don't pay taxes. People ultimately pay taxes. That means that this tax will come out of the wages of future employees, the bonuses and wage growth of current employees, the dividends of shareholders, and the pockets of customers, who will face higher...


Politics as (Un)usual

Mark Shields

America is anything but united; any common ground between the politically warring camps is scarce. Sadly, even an authentic American hero who is almost certainly on his deathbed is not given the benefit of the doubt and instead is the target of political invective from fellow Republicans.


Salt Lake's Robin Heiden named police officer of the year by International Footprinters

Congratulations to Lt. Robin Heiden of the Salt Lake City Police Department who was selected by the Antelope Island Chapter No. 3 of the International Footprinters, a law enforcement support group, as their police officer of the year. Lt. Heiden, a 20-plus-year veteran of the force, is the...

Behind Bars

Beyond Bars: Old prison diet contained plenty slices of humble pie

BD 010418 Brian Wood 02

“I’m not sure if I just got older or if that aspect of the prison experience changed me, but I no longer feel the need to be right all the time, and especially when I know it doesn’t matter,” Brian Wood writes in this week’s column. 

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